The merits of Bulgaria for trade and investment

I would like to draw the attention of UK investors and exporters to two podcasts given last month by British Ambassador, Jonathan Allen.

The first podcast covers several positive competitive advantages of the country as both a regional market and part of a globally competitive supply chain.

The second podcast addresses the personal experience of the Ambassador and his family of living in Bulgaria, which could be interesting for anyone considering a move to the country.

Both the Ambassador’s podcasts can be accessed here. Interviews with British Ambassador Jonathan Allen

“Bulgaria Now”, the podcast online host journal, then interviewed me last week about the recent collapse of Corporate Commercial Bank of Bulgaria and whether that represented the start of a systemic banking crisis.  I answered that this seems to be a “bank crisis” not a “banking crisis” as most other banking entities in Bulgaria are large cross border brands. Bulgaria Now also asked my opinion about the interim government expected to be headed by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, pending full elections scheduled for early October.  In my podcast, I draw attention to several opportunities for British product and service industries, echoing those mentioned by Ambassador Allen, which are expected to remain open to those with international appetite despite imminent changes in government.

My podcast interview from 18 July 2014 on “Bulgaria Now” is available here. What banking crisis?

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