The Growing Expectations For Customer Service – Struggle Continues In 2016

Customers know what good service is and demand it from each interaction they have, over any channel or touchpoint that they use. But customer service organizations continue to struggle with balancing cost-control measures with customer satisfaction initiatives.

In a recent report, Gartner found that a whopping 89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016, a stark rise since 2014 (36%) and 2015 (58%). This rapid advance highlights the growing need for businesses to adapt, improve, and excel at providing exceptional customer experiences.

With the growing consumer adoption rates for mobile technologies around the globe, more companies are turning to omni-channel support to improve their customer experience.

Harvard Business School professor and author Frances Frei notes, ‘Service excellence can be defined as what a business chooses not to do well.’”

Struggle Continues In 2016

  • Customer service must be increasingly effective, easy, and build an emotional bond with customers. Customers will increasingly explore emerging communication channels, and will expect proactive, and even preemptive service. Companies must leverage insights from past interactions, transactions, and connected devices to deliver upon these expectations.
  • The customer service technology ecosystem is in flux and shows signs of consolidation Delivering customer service involves a set of technologies that fall into three main software categories: queuing and routing, CRM customer service, and workforce optimization. We predict that these software categories will consolidate to facilitate the delivery of better customer service.

Big Data: Don’t just collect it, use it!

Capturing and collecting data from as many channels as possible is key to analysing customer behaviour patterns and adapting to align strategies and personalize customer conversations

Self-Service: Customer Experience Priority.

With the growing number of mobile and web users around the globe, more consumers around the globe have instant access to information than ever before. It’s no wonder that Gartner lists self-service as one of the top 3 customer experience projects planned by surveyed companies in 2015. By providing consumers with exceptional self-service experience, companies are able to dramatically increase sales across channels by boosting shopper confidence.

learn more about consumers’ current views and expectations around customer service here.

“A focus on service talent in UK 2016 will be impact ful because the demands for service and support continue to increase. Some of the UK’s Most popular brands namely , & vodafone will see a greater strain on their current service resources as the services continue to diversify and expand to uncover new revenue streams. In addition to ensuring coverage for service requests, organizations would also like to differentiate via the service experience that is delivered, which is substantially impacted by talent.”

What Can Organizations Do Today to Begin Improving Service?

“In addition to focusing on talent strategy in 2016, organizations can start improving service today by developing a clearer understanding of what customers value and what priority customers place on different value outcomes. A clearer understanding of value will provide a map as to where organization need to be excellent and where they can afford to be simply okay.

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