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With the titles of Best Port of the Country and Greatest Centre of Investments of the present time, the Suape Port and Industrial Complex is outstanding both nationally and internationally.

Situated between the cities of Ipojuca and Cabo de Santo Agostinho, in the state of Pernambuco in the Brazilian Northeast, it has an area of 140 square kilometers and 13.5 thousand hectares in extension divided into Port, Industrial, Administrative, Ecological Preservation and Cultural Preservation zones.

Its conception as an industrial port offers exceptional conditions for the installation of enterprises of the most varied segments which will use the port infra-structure, roadways and railways with direct access to the cargo terminals and the tank storage area.

With more than 30 years of existence, the Suape Complex contains about 100 companies in operation and a further 35 in the phase of implantation. Private investments add up to around US$ 18 billion. There are about 30 thousand people working in industrial production, with the receipt and distribution of cargo and on the construction work of the new enterprises.

A real revolution is occurring in the economy of Pernambuco, and the Suape Complex is located at the heart of this event.

The confirmation of investments of around US$ 1.54 billion by 20 companies connected with the petroleum productive chain and the generation of approximately 24 thousand direct jobs and 33 thousand indirect ones within the strategic territory of the Suape Complex are the first results of the Suape Global project.

Created in 2008, the Suape Global project aims at consolidating Pernambuco as a distribution center of goods and services of the oil, gas, offshore and shipping industry. The construction of ships, the refining of oil and its extensive productive chain, now represent the new profile of the local industry.

In view of this outlook, the Government of Pernambuco is joining private initiative and the academic sector to organize and consolidate this development in the region, taking advantage of the opportunities arising from the discovery of new oil reserves in the Brazilian pre-salt layer.

Within its Action Plan, the Suape Global project is also developing and articulating partnerships for the professional qualification and insertion of micro and small businesses in the supply of goods and services for the construction of the big enterprises.

The Abreu e Lima Refinery and the three PetroquímicaSuape plants are beyond the planning stage and the works are progressing at full speed ahead. The Atlântico Sul Shipyard has launched the first ship built in the Northeast, representing the return of the Brazilian shipbuilding industry. Pernambuco is growing at a rate above that of the national average. More enterprises are yet in the pipeline.


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