Some statistics about world and Russia

Here are some facts about world economic development and Russia.


According to E&Y report on Russia’s investment attractiveness, investor appeal to Russian market has grown sixfold. Market opportunities, solid telecommunications infrastructure are among top strengths of Russia. (For more details see:—2012-Russia-attractiveness-survey)

Despite the fact that global economics is slowing down, in 2012 Russia has shown some positive economic signs: inflation rate was 6.6%, which was one of the lowest rates for the last 20 years, retail sales grew by 5.9%, while disposable income increased by 4.2%. Another very positive factors of Russia’s macroeconomic stability are: budget surplus, which is approximately 22 bln. dollars and foreign reserves that are 511.2 bln. dollars (one of the highest in the World)

Since 2000 and to the nearest future Russia will grow with the higher rates than the global ones (in terms of absolute growth). Share of Russian Federation in global trade by 2014 will be 4.7%.

The main trade partners of Russian Federation are European Union (mainly Netherlands, Germany and Italy), China, Belarus and Ukraine. Export structure is heavily dependent on oil and gas exports, while imports structure is more diversified.

Russian small and medium sized companies account for 22% of input in GDP and according to the data of PWC 66% of Russian CEO’s are confident about future revenue growth (against 36% globally).

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