SinaWeibo-the most cost-effective way to reach Chinese online audience

Sina weibo is the hottest social media platform in China with over 500 million registered users and the numbers are still growing. There are two account types; a personal account as well as a company account, each with tailored front and backstage interfaces. Sina Weibo offers a verification service to both account types to authenticate the ownership of the profile. All verified accounts have a V stamp, which gives the profile a trusted status within the Weibo community. Verified accounts can also access more advanced features to help promote their Weibo and interact with followers. Please watch the following video to find out more about Sina Weibo in just 2 minutes!

Sina Weibo for Business

Sina Weibo Personal accounts

After a recent cooperation between Sina Weibo and the world’s largest E-commerce group Alibaba, a new advertising tool has been released called Weibo News Feeds (FenSiTong). This is a similar advertising product to Twitter’s promoted tweets and is incredibly effective tool for reaching out, targeting and connecting with the desired audience. It proves to be extremely successful with companies such as T-mall, McDonald , Coca Cola and many more who regularly use this service.

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