Security sector in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s largest defence and security equipment importer. Increasing external and internal threats puts the Turkish government under pressure to increase security spending.

Market overview

The Turkish Public Security Market has been growing parallel to the strong performance of the Turkish economy. Increasing external and internal threats puts the Turkish government under pressure to increase security spending. The total spending budget for Turkish Public Security bodies (police, gendarmerie, military, intelligence organisations etc) in 2013 is approximately £16.2 billion – a 15% increase from 2012.

UK’s political relationship is better than ever following the UK’s support for Turkish entry to the EU. Increasing number of Turkish private entrepreneurs are in/seeking Joint Venture and Manufacturing Under Licence agreements with their international counterparts not only for bilateral trade but also targeting third countries/regions.

Key opportunities

Turkey faces a serious domestic terrorist threat which means that its security forces are looking for a wide range of solutions in a number of areas including the protection of critical infrastructure, protection of energy and pipelines, airport and port security etc.

Turkey is in the process of a major modernisation of its border security. Turkey intends to create a new Border Guard and will have new systems in place to monitor cross border movement. The Turkish Ministry of the Interior are continuing to assess their requirements during 2013.

Turkey has plans to modernise the country’s airports. The programme is worth £6bn in total. There will be opportunities to provide CCTV, surveillance, scanners, metal detectors and other security equipment as part of this programme during 2013.

Some ongoing important projects are:

  • Commissioning of new maritime customs vehicles and a new customs risk assessment system

  • 3rd Istanbul Airport and other huge transportation projects with security aspects

  • Forensics labs construction and equipment

Latest export opportunities – Security

Latest export opportunities – Turkey

Getting into the market

Public procurement is a key route into the Turkish public security market. However, defence and military procurements bring offset requirements to the UK companies. Hence, we advise UK companies to understand and learn the local sector and local companies. The best way to achieve this is to meet them locally.

There are no offset obligations for security procurements at the moment. Business tends to be done through direct procurement. However, having a partner/agent with public security expertise is an absolute benefit for the UK companies.

It is important that any UK defence / security company seeking to export equipment has the necessary export licence clearances from BIS Export Control Organisation. Companies should also check with the Ministry of Defence whether they require an F680 to market their equipment to Turkey. UKTI DSO will not provide support if a company does not have the necessary F680 clearances.

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Market intelligence is critical when doing business overseas, and UKTI can provide bespoke market research and support during overseas visits though our chargeable Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS).

To commission research or for general advice about the market, get in touch with our specialists based overseas – or contact your local international trade team.

  • Belgin Clissold, British Embassy Ankara. Tel: +90 (0)312 455 3220 or email: [email protected].

  • Mehmet Ali Bortucene, British Embassy Ankara. Tel: +90 (0)312 455 3251 or email:[email protected].

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