Security sector in Dominican Republic

The security sector in Dominican Republic is one of the top priorities of president Medinas mandate. It is one of the country’s mayor challenges.

Market overview

The Dominican Republic has a 4.5% of economic growth percentage. The security sector in the DR consists of private companies that offer residential security due to the high crime rate in the country. These private companies also offer safety and security for money transfer and events. When it comes to the public sector there is clear evidence of lack of resources, proper equipment and training.

In the last three years delinquency has increased, and private security companies have found great opportunities to do business. The Superintendence of Private Security from the Armed Forces is in charge of their regulation. There is also the Dominican Association of Security Companies. They are responsible of protecting the investment of their clients in the Dominican Republic in regards to the security sector. There are a total of 250 approved companies, even though at the moment only 180 are operating, due to operative costs.

Private security companies provide support to the National Police and the security of citizens. They are responsible for the protection of the millionaire investments of their clients, and they are continuously improving and specializing their services, because it is a demand of the market. These companies offer their services to: private homes, companies, banks, embassies and consulates, hotels, schools and others. Also, they take care of transport of values, services of electronic security (CCTV management), and personal security (bodyguard).

Key opportunities

  • Crime Prevention

  • Organised Crime Prevention

  • Institutional Strengthening

  • Personnel Training

  • Security Equipment (Arms, Ballistic Plates, Metal detectors)

  • Electronic Security Equipment

  • Data Management System

  • Undercover Surveillance Equipment

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Getting into the market

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic, but English is widely spoken amongst the business community. Usually, Dominican businessmen do not respond to mail shots since business is conducted through personal interactions. It is recommended that companies interested in entering the local market visit the country. Face to face contact is vital to develop business relationships and research the sectors. Even though this may appear superficial to an informal society, business meetings are more formal affairs in the Dominican business culture and dress for these should be accordingly business attire. Good manners are essential. It is usual to begin conversations with personal small talk (how was your journey to the meeting, how is the family, etc.) rather than plunge straight into business. Dominicans will often ask whether you like their country. The reply should always be favourable.

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