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As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the UK’s manufacturing sector, RBS is continuing to collaborate with EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, to undertake research and provide crucial market intelligence that informs strategic decision-making. Our latest report, Manufacturing Focus: New Market Entry, sets out to examine the challenges posed by sharply rising, volatile input costs.

Emerging markets: crucial opportunities for UK manufacturers

The eurozone crisis, uncertainty in the US economy and volatile input costs have prompted many UK manufacturers to review or reboot their export activities. For some, increasing their revenues from emerging markets is essential. But while there are plenty of trailblazing manufacturers already enjoying healthy levels of overseas trade, the potential is far greater – and substantially untapped. What will it take to unlock the door to global customers, eager for British goods, components and manufacturing expertise?

Click here to download the full report (167KB PDF)

The 16-page report provides expert insight and comprehensive analysis of the priorities and challenges facing UK manufacturers with global aspirations:

  • Manufacturing mindsets: How the economic outlook has been shaping confidence amongst CEOs and CFOs – about their own businesses, the wider manufacturing sector and global markets
  • Key locations: The emerging markets being targeted by UK companies, and what the shift in focus from developed economies indicates about export activity over the coming 12 months and the next five years
  • Strategies and tactics, today and tomorrow: How manufacturers plan to invest in breaking into new markets, via export, distribution and production – and the payback they anticipate
  • Barriers real and imagined: The perceived obstacles and threats holding UK manufacturers back – and how they differ from market to market
  • Expert outlook: How the Head of Manufacturing, UK Sector Coverage, at RBS sees new market entry activity and success developing – and how manufacturers might access and benefit from the vital support available via government trade bodies

Inform your strategic decision-making and share these findings with fellow executives and colleagues. Click here to download the full report (167KB PDF)

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