Quickest method for sending funds overseas

In the ever expanding Global market more and more companies are reliant on business or clients from overseas.

Ensuring that payments for goods or services care made as quickly as possible is vital in order that stock can be released. Late payments can cause real cashflow problems , can delay goods being delivered or released and can even tarnish a businesses reputation and even ultimately stop a business from growing.

In order to alleviate this problem the guide below gives an overview of the major currencies delivery times;

USD Payments

When sending USD payments to the United States or Europe these payments can be sent and received on a same day basis. The cut off time to make payments on a same day basis is 4 p.m.

EUR Payments

Euro payments can be sent on a same day basis but please note that the cut off time for this is 3 p.m.

CAD Payments

When sending Canadian dollars the cut off time is the same as for USD so 4 p.m

CHF Payments

With Swiss Franc the cut off time for a same day delivery is 10.p.m

AED Payments

When sending AED it is normally a two day delivery period – both ways. Please note that Fridays are a holiday so any payment sent on a Thursday would be be delivered on the following Monday.

OmnisFX regularly make same day payments for various clients so if you have any questions please feel free to ask

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