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Country, information and support websites

  • Export Control Organisation (ECO) – Part of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) – is responsible for assessing export licence applications for specific categories of controlled goods and for issuing or refusing licences as appropriate. Any item exported from the UK that is subject to export control needs a licence.

  • SPIRE online export licencing system – If your goods or services require an export licence you should apply by registering on the SPIRE website.

  • Overseas Business Risk – Overseas Business Risk is a Government service, providing UK companies with information relating to the security related risks they might face when operating overseas. This includes advice and information subjects such as political and economic issues, bribery & corruption, terrorism threats, organised crime, etc.

  • Business Ethics – Companies may also wish to visit the UKTI Business Ethics web page, which provides information on the efforts of Government and Trade Associations to advise on bribery & corruption and serious fraud issues.

  • Intellectual Property – UKTI has a web page providing useful advice and information on the protection of Intellectual Property when doing business overseas.

  • Enterprise and Business Support – The BIS website provides a wide range of advice, information and support to encourage SME growth, including access to finance.

  • UK Export Finance – UK Export Finance (formally known as ECGD) is the UK’s official export credit agency. It provides services such as insuring UK exporters against non-payment by their overseas buyers, helping overseas buyers to purchase goods and services from UK exporters by guaranteeing bank loans and insuring UK investors in overseas markets against political risk.

  • The London Diplomatic List – Lists the representatives of Foreign States and Commonwealth Countries in London, providing names and contact details.

  • British Defence Equipment Catalogue (BDEC) – BDEC is an electronic reference source for the UK defence sector’s products and services.

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