Popular Instagram Tips Your Business Can Really Use

The photo-sharing app known as Instagram has undergone a number of changes such as the Instagram Video. As more and more users sign up and the addition of more apps, there is a lot more changes to come. Keeping up with the changes can be challenging but here are a few tips you can use that you may find useful when using Instagram to promote your brand.

The Whole Feed Perspective

You should view your feed entirely, instead of scrutinizing each photo individually. If you happen to be focusing on growing your following then this is extremely important. For example, if a new viewer happens to visit your profile without knowing you or anything about who you are. They will automatically make the decision to follow or not in around 6 seconds associated with your collection of work opposed to just one image. It is really helpful to know your vision and your brand when you take photos. If your feed happens to be about fun and color you could rotate between white and bright backdrops in order to encourage a balanced feeling into your feed.

Instagram is such a great addition for those who want to grow or even want to start their blog. It’s easy to use, easy to add to blog posts and also has a variety of tools that can make things look great.

Natural Light

Natural light is very important. This means you may do or make something at night that may make for a great shot, but it does not mean you should take these photographs in this type of bad lighting. It doesn’t really matter how well you are able to style the shot, when lighting is not good, your photo quality decreases and this is especially true when it comes to phones. When taking shots in natural lighting settings, you are always offered with a sharper and cleaner image that is evenly lit. Instagram may be a visual resume but does not always need to be taken in real-time.

Plan Ahead

Queue your photos, typically you should be posting on Instagram a minimum of once daily. It can sometimes become stressful to always find something to take a shot of, if you do not have posts lined-up for your day. In many cases the inspiration for photographs may be missing. So instead of posting content you are not entirely happy with, you can use your queued images that are already stored in your phone. This will help to increase your instagram likes.

Move Around

In some cases all that it may take to arrive at the perfect shot would be to tweak minor details or perhaps swap out props when shooting flat lays. Experiment with your personal setups and always make sure you have several photographs to select from. It is advisable to take between 10 to 20 shots for one Instagram post to choose from. Think about the setup and your angles before you take your photographs, and never be too over cautious.

Editing Photographs

Take the time needed to edit your images. In fact 99% of the time, your images are going to require some sort of post-processing assistance. Make sure you edit any images as best as you can, and then prepare to edit again until you master the process that will work for your brand. If you only use the Instagram editing tools, consider experimenting with additional photo apps until you arrive at a satisfactory result.

One way to edit your images well would be to use VSCO. When you have your own system set-up it should usually take you only a few minutes to go through the process required for editing. It is also important to pay attention to small blemishes that you should remove.

In conclusion it is important to realize that becoming a better Instagrammer or photographer does not happen overnight. It takes testing and practice, but the end results are well worth it once you get the hang of things.

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