Trade and Export Finance (TAEFL) is one of nine sponsors in the UK of a peer-to-peer lending platform. As a sponsor, we put forward applications on behalf of our clients for a loan. Our fourth sponsored peer to peer loan went live last Friday at 11.00am for a specialist timber frame construction company.

Our client is operating in an expanding market, due to the strict building regulations recently introduced. This is a profitable company with a very strong order book which will attract investors from the peer-to-peer lending site.

The directors are hoping to raise £550,000 to restructure their finances and fund their growth. We are very confident that the loan will be fully subscribed and look forward to seeing the bids come in.

Peer-to-peer platforms are increasingly popular as it is still difficult to borrow from banks and other financial institutions. Banks will look at the history of a company, so if a business has not been succeeding recently, the banks are unlikely to lend. Peer-to-peer lending looks at the projections of the next year ahead and the future of the business. It can therefore provide businesses with the funds they need, as long as they can show they will grow. Investors can also benefit from peer-to-peer lending as they will receive higher returns on their investment than if their money were sitting in a bank account; an ISA, for example.

TAEFL sees the future of peer-to-peer lending as very bright. Peer-to-peer lending has been a very useful tool for TAEFL in the last 6 months, with all loans that we have put forward to the site being fully subscribed. Since our clients have successfully drawn down their loans, we have seen them go from strength to strength.

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