Pact for Mexico

Pacto por México

On December 2, 2012 President Enrique Peña Nieto and the most representative political parties in Mexico (PRI, PAN and PRD), signed the Pacto por México (Pact for Mexico), in which they agreed to take various actions in the following areas:

1. Rights and Freedom
2. Economic Growth, Employment and Competition
3. Security and Justice
4. Transparency, Accountability and Combat to Corruption
5. Democracy

Nader, Hayaux & Goebel have made available an English translation of the Pacto por México: Pacto por México (English version) NHG
The Pacto por México is divided into five sections:

Section I. Vision, outlines Mexico’s current social, political and economic conditions, and explains the current challenges and opportunities and the objectives of the Pacto por México.

Section II. Agreements, contains a description of the 95 commitments agreed to by the signatories of the Pacto por México on the 5 strategic areas mentioned above.

Section III. National Budget Agreements 2013 has a list of the specific commitments for which it was agreed that the 2013 budget will allocate resources.

Section IV. Work Method, explains the composition of and manner in which the groups that will follow-up on the commitments reached in the Pacto por México will work; and

Section V. Commitments for the schedule for the implementation of the 95 commitments of the Pacto por México.

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