Our export challenge: UK companies with a global reach

There’s never been a better time to trade internationally.

Whether you’re completely new to exporting, have some experience, or are looking to expand a well established range of global markets and services, there’s always more you can do to increase your bottom line. The UK companies featured in these videos talk about how their businesses are expanding overseas, some of the challenges they faced, and how UKTI was able to help them along the way.

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) can help you rise to the exciting opportunities and challenges that globalisation offers. We can work with you to help you grow your business and offer a number of key services which can be tailored to meet the needs of your company.


UK company Steps are world leaders in drama based training with established teams in locations across the globe. Steps programmes empower individuals actively involving them in the learning experience and encouraging peer to peer interaction. This builds a deeper, sustainable understanding. Using India as an example, Director Robbie Swales discusses how Steps met the challenges of exporting to markets which are cultural very different to the UK .

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Paul Davis + Partners

Paul Davis + Partners is a 95 strong London-based practice with an international portfolio known for its skilful integration of contemporary architecture within historic environments. The practice has experience of designing award winning buildings in locations as diverse as London, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Pisa. Partner Alec Howard discusses the benefits of working with local partners, and using Hong Kong as a springboard to mainland China.

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UK company Strix is at the forefront of development, manufacture and sales of safety control systems for small domestic appliances and filtration systems for filter kettles, fridge jugs and chilled water units. 1 in 5 people across the world use a Strix safety control, over 1 billion times a day. CEO Paul Husset discusses the challenges of setting up an operation in the fast growing Chinese market, and the importance of being where your client base is.

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Inditherm plc

Inditherm plc has established itself as a cost-effective provider of innovative solutions to difficult heating problems using its unique, carbon-based polymer technology. Based near Rotherham in South Yorkshire, Inditherm develops and manufactures heating solutions for a diverse range of markets Chief Executive Nick Bettles dicusses the challenges of expanding sustainably, supporting distributors and using trade fairs as a shop window.

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UK company Random42 is the world’s premier medical animation company. Over the past 20 years they have created over 200 mechanism-of-action (MoA) medical animations for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies and won over 70 industry awards. Hugo Paice, Creative Director, talks about the challenges of getting the message across to difficult-to-break-into markets and groups of buyers.

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4 global

UK company 4 global are a team of experienced and well qualified experts, who set up and deliver major programmes in international, complex and fast changing environments for public and private sector organisations. They specialise in project management for major sporting events and are experienced throughout the event lifecycle from construction to Games time. MD Eloy Manzon comments on establishing credibility and acquiring a steady stream of new work and clients.

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