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How and why smaller UK businesses should take a bigger slice of global trade

The BRICs and other rapid-growth economies offer huge opportunities for SMEs, but currently UK businesses have a very low penetration of these increasingly important export markets.

The UK’s share of global exports has been shrinking over the past three decades. But with help and guidance, there is no reason why the UK can’t compete and succeed in the new global growth markets.

UK SMEs in particular are held back by a number of barriers, including the challenge of finding the right local partners and the ability to mitigate risks related to doing business in unfamiliar markets.

More education is needed to inform UK businesses of the tools and support available.

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Topics Covered:
Destination of UK exports compared with GDP growth forecasts
Where are the future growth markets for UK businesses?
How easy is it for UK SMEs to access these markets?
So what’s holding UK businesses back?
How can I reduce the risks while accelerating my business in these markets?
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