Mexico: A destination for growth

Mexico is a country full of opportunities – and there has never been a better time to consider it as a business destination

The British perception of Mexico is often inaccurate. In fact, Mexico is a modern country with a dynamic economy. It has a young population of 112 million, with a growing middle class and strong macroeconomic fundamentals. Mexico has an impressive network of Free Trade Agreements (including with North America and the EU), and a strategic location between the US and Latin America. But at the same time, the Mexican Government and local businesses have said they wish to reduce their dependency on trade with the US. So for UK companies, Mexico has the potential to act as a springboard into the Americas, as well as being an attractive market in its own right.

British products have a significant presence in the country; our products are generally recognised for their quality, and have performed well in the local market. Yet, while Mexico regularly ranks in the top three emerging markets in which to do business, the UK exports much less to Mexico than many of our major competitors. So, while the opportunity clearly exists, other countries are taking greater advantage of it.

For this reason, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has produced this report with the help of global research agency Millward Brown. It aims to identify opportunities for UK retailers through a simple yet insightful document, to help British companies make more informed decisions. The report has various sections that outline a range of sectors and industries in Mexico.

This report is designed as a useful reference guide for readers to dip in and out of. It should be used in conjunction with the UK Trade & Investment website (, and our other services. The report will guide you through the retail sector in Mexico, while the website will give you regularly updated market and sector information, business opportunities, and details of relevant events.

From luxury goods and shopping centres, to food and drink, this report intends to give the UK retailer a real picture of what is happening in Mexico, and why Mexico is an exciting destination for growth.


First Secretary, Trade & Investment

British Embassy, Mexico City

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