Making the most of your exhibition: tradeshow followup

Taking part in an overseas exhibition can be a great way to generate international interest in your products and new develop export business. DIT has put together a three part guide to trade fairs and exhibitions to ensure you make the most of this valuable experience.

In part three of this three part guide, here are some practical tips to tidy up all loose ends at the event’s conclusion, and also some ideas and thoughts for you to capitalise on the event experience and ensure it was time and money well spent for your business.

At the end of the event

  • Make arrangements for re-shipment of unsold exhibits and in particular ensure goods imported ‘in bond’ are re-exported or are dealt with in accordance with other local Customs requirements.
  • Ensure a responsible member of your stand staff has adequate local currency to settle local accounts and pay any charges that may be levied by the authorities before leaving.
  • Consider that one member of staff remains available for up to 24 hours after the event closes to develop contacts made at the exhibition, analyse all serious enquiries and follow-up, assist your local representative (if you have one) with sales training/further product development and maximise the benefit of the opportunities identified at the exhibition.

Evaluating your stand

  • Number of business outcomes
  • Quality of visitors
  • Visitor perceptions
  • Number of “meaningful” meetings
  • Number of active leads generated

Evaluating the exhibition

  • Who attended – your existing customers, potential customers, competitors?
  • Were there any well-known exhibitors not present?
  • Other similar shows?
  • Cost of exhibiting – was it good value for money?
  • Location at show – traffic flow, vanatage points?
  • Perceptions of staff manning your stand
  • Did your presence help to achieve your objectives?
  • Would you go again?
  • Did anything go wrong and if so how would you avoid this occurring again?

Follow up

  1. For immediate opportunities:
    • Email them as soon as possible, thanking them for their time
    • Possible phone call to develop relationship
    • Pass contact on to appropriate person for immediate action.
  2. Any well-known exhibitors not present?
    • Email within two weeks
    • Make further contact every three months or as appropriate
  3. Other similar shows?
    • Email within two weeks

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Topics: Export Planning, Export Process, and Trade Fairs
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