Key Facts to Consider for Business Electricity & Gas Contracts

Making a business successful in the current economic climate is not just about generating great sales figures, but also about controlling costs which can eat into profitability.

Business energy broker Business Juice says that UK businesses could save thousands of pounds simply by switching to a better deal on their gas or electricity. They’ve saved large clients as much as £86k a year on energy costs by switching to a better energy supplier, while the average medium sized company stands to gain nearly £8k on electricity and £7k on gas through switching.

Unfortunately, shopping around for utilities is not a straightforward process for those companies that choose to investigate it. The contracts and deals can be complex and difficult to compare, making the process confusing and frustrating. In fact the commercial energy market offers clients significantly less clarity than that offered to domestic clients.

Business Juice is a leading UK gas and electricity broker dealing exclusively

The company has produced a new document called the ‘Key Facts Statement’. This is customised for each business switching their contract with Business Juice and details all the most important information in a crisp and clear document including client’s contract dates, vital reference numbers, the business’s consumption figures and the contract cost as well as potential cost savings. with the needs of the business market from small work at home start-ups to major multi-site manufacturing enterprises. They are determined to make the task of understanding business energy simple and hassle free, debunking the fiction and dealing only in facts.

In addition, the exact details of any fees or commission are also included for full

clarity. This encompasses any fees payable by the client to the new supplier and also the fee which Business Juice may receive from the supplier on successful transfer of utilities.

The Key Facts initiative forms part of the Company’s Customer Charter and places all the necessary detail and information in a handy 2-page summary for easy future reference, making energy comparisons and switching much easier in the future.

James Constant, CEO of Business Juice, explained:

“This level of transparency is unprecedented within the industry and is unique to Business Juice.  The industry has historically shied away from exposing issues relating to fees, yet it is a simple fact that brokers will be paid a commission by the  supplier for introducing the client and facilitating the changeover and it is wrong to imply otherwise.”

“Our policy has always been to be totally open and honest with our clients, building a commercial relationship based on trust. Our service is completely free at the point of use (i.e. for our business clients), so disclosing any fee that we may receive from the supplier is simply an act of full disclosure to the client.  In fact, they are usually surprised at how little the sum is (if, indeed, any).”

Business Juice is determined to assist UK companies in their understanding of the energy industry so that they can make the right decisions whenever they have the opportunity to switch supplier.  The ‘Key Facts’ initiative follows Business Juice’s production of over 70 Business Energy Guides, produced to help businesses understand all aspects of gas and electricity costs and supply in order to make informed decisions.

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