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Whether you currently import/export, are thinking about sourcing your product ranges from further afield or want to look at the possibility of foreign markets, it’s helpful to know which logistics services are available. Dealing with such a wide range of services and partners allows us to help businesses large and small, offering a complete logistics solution. From UK parcel shipments to Freight Forwarding, we’ve got the expertise to assist with any logistics requirements you have.


UK and European Parcel Shipments


Shipments within the UK and to countries within the European Union are the simplest shipments in our opinion, with no customs documentation required and very few country specific commodity restrictions. Normally logistics providers will offer a selection of road and air services, with ‘by road’ being the most cost-effective method of shipping.


Worldwide Parcel Shipments


When sending parcels worldwide (either import or export), you’ll require customs documentation and will have to be aware of the various country specific commodity restrictions which are in place. China for example have different restrictions to Russia, which will have an effect on a) the goods you can send b) how to ensure the goods arrive in the country and are granted entry by the customs authorities.

Freight Forwarding

Air Freight: If you’re sending over 150kg of goods and need a fast service which doesn’t cost a fortune, you should consider using an Air Freight service. Ideally you want access to a network of global Air Freight suppliers, who offer a wide range of services including Consol, Scheduled, Day Definite and Back to Back.


Average transit time from China: 3-5 days


Sea Freight: If you’re looking for cost-effective and reliable import and export shipping solutions from a single pallet to a full container load, Sea Freight is the way to go. You want to gain access to leading Sea Freight suppliers who have offices in every major port and industrial region of the world.



Average transit time from China: 33-35 days


Sea-Air: Sea-Air is an intermodal transport solution that combines the advantages of Sea and Air Freight. Using this kind of service, you could even reduce your transit time by approximately 15 days. Sea-Air is the perfect shipping solution if Air Freight is too expensive and Sea Freight is too slow.



Average transit time from China: 18-20 days



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