Import Procedures: What is an Import?

Goods brought in from another EU Country are not considered as “imports” but as “arrivals” and “acquisitions” and are subject to different legal, administrative and fiscal requirements than non-EU goods and could almost be considered as home-trade purchases.

Permanent and temporary imports
Imports would normally be those products that are brought in as purchases for own use, to be manufactured or use in the production of other products, or perhaps eventual resale to UK buyers.

Importers should also consider the following temporary movements when coming from outside the EU –

  • A returned export brought in for servicing, replacement or repair that will eventually go back out to the original purchaser
  • Goods brought in for processing which will involve the resale of the finished goods outside the EU.
  • Goods brought in for storage for eventual resale either within or outside the EU.
  • Goods brought in for exhibitions or as professional equipment needed by business travellers within the UK/EU.
  • Goods exported for further working for eventual return to the UK/EU.

The temporary imports indicated above can allow importers to avail themselves of a variety of duty and tax suspensions and rebates – providing they follow the correct procedures.

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