Import Procedures: Factors to be considered to ensure successful importing


Import Procedures:

Factors to be considered to ensure successful importing

There is no such thing as a standard import procedure!Image

Although all imports should follow established procedures; importers must consider all factors that can affect successful of imported goods

Such factors must include

  • Type of Goods
  • Where the goods are being imported from
  • How much they are worth
  • What will happen to the goods after they arrive in the UK

It is also important to be aware that import procedures are constantly subject to review and change – and successful importers must adapt to these changes.

The nature of any import guide will therefore contain repeated references to such words as “normally”, “generally” and “usually”. With every importing “rule” there are always exceptions!

Successful importing can really only be achieved if

The importer continually refers to (and applies) the instructions found in official information sources – especially the “Customs’ Tariff”.

The importer keeps accurate and easily accessible records – vital for the “audit trail” required by HMRC (Customs’ and Excise).

The importer provides correct information and documentation to interested parties at the earliest opportunity – to avoid additional costs and delays in delivery.

Importers should therefore realise that they must invest time, money and resources into making the import procedure work.

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