How to Become a More Agile Exporter

Roughly a quarter of the FSB, Federation of Small Business, members are exporting. As pointed out by the FSB, small business actually make up roughly 99% of all businesses of the UK and contribute roughly 50% or more of the GDP. Small businesses are rather dynamic and can be easily positioned to become an agile exporter. Even though much of the emphasis of the government is on encouraged investments that are inbound from beyond, it does not mean that you should overlook any of the potential for a business to contribute to recovery that is export-led.

Enablement Of Technology And Exporters

Research done by the FSB has proven that about one in four of the small businesses today will export services or goods to certain markets overseas. The use of internet and websites have surely contributed to this fact, simply by removing a lot of the physical obstacles that are known to be part of sales and marketing of goods and services.

There is a bit of a retail revolution where the SMEs are concerned, as they are utilizing online platforms as well as their own sites for e-commers to work on exporting millions of their British goods abroad. The exporters also have the ability to streamline payments using international methods for payment, such as PayPal. There are also some online platforms that are able to help with language translation. There is a manufacturing element that is growing significantly in this new area of exporters that are agile, including car parts and electrical goods for export all over the world.

Research has shown that SMEs are playing a major role in the economy of the UK, and the online businesses happen to be a major part of this. The internet has been able to open up a world of possibilities, while there are a lot of barriers, including economic volatility across the world and currency concerns. Small businesses have been able to make a great number of them easily suited for export expansions. Here are some good tips on more agile exporting form Capita IT Professional Services

One of the biggest challenges to face small businesses when it comes to exporting, is the fluctuation of exchange rates, concerns regarding secure payments and red tape while trying to get products to market. Technology certainly helps, however support and encouragement is necessary to keep up with the export momentum.

While we are often told that we are insecure as a country when it comes to our place in the world, the figures show that the entrepreneurial spirit of Britain is alive and kicking due to exporting. Could exporting be just right for you as well?

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