How Exporters Can Take Advantage of Dubai’s Resurgent Property Market

The Dubai property market is on the bounce. After a difficult period in the country we are seeing the Dubai main stock index showing gains of over 2% some days, and a general air of relative optimism returning to the region. This spells good news for exporters looking to take advantage of the region.

In this piece will take your specific look at some of the ways that exporters can take advantage of the resurgent Dubai property market.

Find out which projects are coming up

With the upturn in the property market there is going to be a significant upturn in the number of commercial and residential property projects, not to mention infrastructure projects. The export opportunities are going to be immense.
The first step though is to find out what is going to be rolled out. Look at tender opportunities and projects that are being bid for the near future salute you can get in at the right time. There is no point looking to provide your export goods for a project when project deals have been tied up.

Local knowledge

If you are serious about entering the Dubai markets then you need to get local knowledge. It is often possible to work with partners in the joint-venture, or access channel partners in order to leverage off an already existing market presence. Why enter a market fresh and all the groundwork yourself when you can hit the ground running.

Think big

Too many companies begin an export journey with two small an outlook. Develop a big vision and then speak to partners and potential clients about the vision in a confident way. The Dubai market has got lots of opportunity, but is the companies that can think big and talked big that will get the biggest slice of the cake.

Look to speak with chief executives and key decision makers. Enter negotiations at a high level and work down rather than trying to work up the ladder; working up is hard work.

Think big, but be sure that you are still able to micro-manage your money when necessary. A good broker can be found here, a good accountant is usually a local accountant who understands your business. Remember, watch the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

In your export business you need to strategise where you want to go, and make your solutions fit the needs of your customers. If you can do these two things successfully then you can build a big Dubai export business very fast.

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