How exporters can make the most of their market research

Making the most of your market research

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I’ve already written about some great resources for doing market research, but what do you need to do once you think you have enough information?

When exporting your product or getting your brand known in overseas you need to check on your Intellectual Property protection. The Business & IP Centre has a wide range of workshops and advice options for knowing what to do with your businesses IP.

Eight-five percent of businesses said exporting enabled them to grow to levels previously not possible.  If you’re considering exporting for the first time you should also check out information at the now renamed DIT site department for International Trade and also don’t forget to follow the Exporting is Great campaign!

If you’re taking the next step towards actively launching in a new market, you might want to read these tips on how to budget for a new market launch and consider what resources you will need to do so.

There are of course challenges to exporting not least regulations, language and cultural barriers and initial financial hurdles to get over but being as well prepared as possible, with as much information as practicable should greatly lower your risk.

Researching at the British Library’s Business & IP Centre and its national network is a solid first step to broadening your business horizons and to know where to go, to grow global!

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