How Business Will Change In The Future And 5 Things You Can Do To Prepare

It isn’t possible to predict what the average office will look like in a few decades time, but we can take educated guesses as to what awaits us. A company that looks into the future and prepares for what is to come will have an advantage on those that don’t, and this article will highlight what could arise and how best to prepare for it.

1. Get to grips with social media

It’s impossible to stress how important social media is to a modern business. For many industries casual networks like Facebook and more formal platforms like LinkedIn are first thing that most potential customers or clients will see. For this reason it is crucial to create a user-friendly and informative page for your business. Make sure you include a link to your website and plenty of information regarding the business’s purpose and aims. Depending on the nature of your business, it could also include special offers, price reductions, and contact details.

2. Get outside help

An advantage of the inter-connected business world we are situated in is that other businesses exist to help with your own worries or problems, for example AMEE specialise in supply chain risk management, helping to detect environmental or economic risk with those you’re working with (or propose to work with). Whether you’re having problems with branding or planning for economic changes there is a host of companies that advise on a vast range of issues.

3. Don’t take risks you may have 20 years ago

Clearly when entering into business and even after that, risk taking can be a big part of the job. However, the decisions you make are no longer as likely to stay under wraps as they once were. The need to record everything, share everything, and store everything means that one stupid idea is now more likely to result in two million people knowing about it. Remember that once something is online, it stays there forever. For a light-hearted look at some silly business decisions, take a look here from

4. Get to grips with Cloud

Cloud has been repeatedly hailed as the future of computing, and as computing is now an important part of virtually every business, it would be unwise to not get clued-up. Cloud is used by many people as a virtual hard drive where photos, videos and other types of media can be stored. However, Cloud has many more uses and in the future they will change the way business is handled for all of us. An example of Cloud’s potential is how it will allow accurate language translation and inevitably automatic-voice translation, hopefully ending the language barrier and making business with foreign companies over the internet easier and more productive. For more examples of how else Cloud can help, check out this article.

5. Don’t be afraid to change

This last point is probably the most important, and how it affects you will depend on your own personality and feelingly towards what the future brings us. If you are currently a technophobe, then you must attempt to change that as success will be extremely difficult without a good knowledge of modern technology. You don’t even have to think about ‘change’, if that is something that worries you. Try and see it as ‘adapting’, something that humans, plants and animals have been doing since time began to not only survive, but thrive.

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