Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Medical Tourism & Life Sciences sector in Turkey

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Medical Tourism & Life Sciences sector in Turkey

Scope for UK companies to enter the supply and service provision chain in Turkey where there is rapidly increasing demand for healthcare services.

Market overview

Turkey faces a rapidly increasing demand for healthcare services. The Turkish healthcare system has entered a period of development under the Health Transformation Program. The program will increase Turkey’s healthcare spending by approximately 10.5 percent annually. Total healthcare spending is forecast to grow at a rate higher than the population growth, which would translate into higher per capita spending ie $US 1,086 in 2015, increasing with a CAGR of 11.3%, from 2011-2015.

In fiscal year 2013/2014, TL20 billion (approx. US$10 billion) was allocated to MOH by the Government. A key driver behind Turkey’s continued healthcare budget growth is the country’s enhanced health insurance coverage and the demand for new healthcare facilities across the country. Besides state investments, the private sector is closely involved in building private healthcare facilities, contributing to demand for state of the art medical equipment and devices.

Turkish Medical Devices and Supplies Exports by Year (US $)

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Key opportunities

There is considerable scope for UK companies to enter the supply and service provision chain. The accessible value to UK companies is estimated at £2,500,000,000.00 based upon interest by UK companies in the market, and the importance to the buyers of key UK strengths.

In areas such as;

  • Design (innovative e-delivery, energy efficient/Green buildings, and intelligent-IT, designing of rooms and devices for operation theatres, laboratories and patient rooms)

  • Provision of goods (equipment/devices, furniture, consumables)

  • Provision of services (catering, cleaning, security, hotel/accommodation services)

  • Operation of commercial areas (Cafes, restaurants, shops, banks, chemists etc)

  • Professional, clinical and FM services to the delivery of these projects

  • Integrated software systems between hospitals for communication and data sharing

  • Sterilization (operation theatres, intensive care units, devices and laboratories)

  • Patient tracing and monitoring equipment (bed-head monitors, tablets, mounted sensors)

  • Security (CCTV’s, scanning devices, alarm & fire systems)

There are also wider opportunities and demand in the Turkish healthcare sector in the supply of;

  • Dental Products and consumables

  • Orthopaedic and implantable products and consumables

  • Splints and other fracture appliances, hearing aids and consumables

  • Education/Training (practitioners, nurses, device technicians, catering staff, cleaning staff)

  • High-end advanced medical technologies and equipment in all areas of medicine, but especially in diagnostics, laboratory systems, and robotic surgery equipment

  • Telehealth equipment & suppliers (primary care, home care, mobile care services to provide proven benefits for patients with long term conditions)

  • Elderly/disabled medical services (home care, mobile care)

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Getting into the market

In order for a UK company to market its medical equipment in Turkey, we advise the company to find an exclusive distributor or representative in the Turkish market. They should have a strong reseller base to market and service the products across the country, follow public and private medical equipment tenders and be knowledgeable about shipping products into Turkey.

Medical equipment exported to Turkey has to comply with Turkish customs regulations. A foreign company’s representative in Turkey has to register the product in the National Data Bank that keeps track of all medical equipment marketed in Turkey. This will then place the product on the all-important approved list of the Social Security Agency.

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