Guide to European business culture

Comprising 28 member states, over 500 million consumers, 20% of global GDP, numerous languages and currencies, Europe can be a tricky place to do business but also an area of the World not to be overlooked.

Produced by our EEN partner, the CRCI Centre in Orleans, France, this handy guide is aimed at all companies who attend meetings with European business partners.

A brief outline is given of each country’s cultural background and business etiquette, together with a few practical tips for building successful business relationships in the European Union.

Rules to remember, dress and language etiquette and a ‘at a glance’ guide to European capitals, populations, currencies and more is also included.

So whether you’re concerned about Portuguese secrecy, Greek nepotism, Polish opportunism, Swedish egalitarianism, Lithuanian modesty or what gift to buy your Dutch contact then this handbook is for you.

Download our free guide below, or contact us for more information on doing business in Europe and beyond.

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Guide – European Business Culture

Countries: Europe
Topics: Business Development, Export Planning, Getting Started, Insights & Statistics, and Market Research
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