Grape sugar from Naturalia now Kosher

Naturalia Ingredients

Naturalia Ingredients supply a new solution to some old challenges for retail product manufacturers. The grape sugar producer was established in 2009 following an industry wide trend to move away from artificial sweeteners. The venture is a result of a joint R&D project between two leading Italian companies: Eridana Sadam, one of the largest sugar companies in Italy, and Cantine Foraci, the principal company in grape processing.

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, are currently amongst some of the most controversial food ingredients globally. Around the world there has been a consumer rejection of artificial sweeteners and demand for a reduction in sugar content. A survey carried out by Marketing Sciences in 2014 stated 72% of consumers asked wanted manufacturers to reduce sugar levels in food, whilst 40% claimed they would have an increased interest in products using natural sweeteners.

This, together with changes in food regulations requiring manufacturers to lower the sugar content in products has resulted in a surge in demand for natural sweeteners in order to maintain the levels of sweetness and continue to satisfy consumers.

Move towards natural sweeteners

The move towards natural sweeteners has been common amongst some of the well-known brands. Two years ago both Coca Cola and Chobani made the plunge to reduce sugar and use natural sweeteners in their products. Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola life containing less sugar and calories than regular Coca-Cola and using natural sweeteners. Similarly, Chobani’s developed their Simply 100 Greek yoghurt made without artificial sweeteners.

This topic continues to feature globally throughout the industry and will remain a major theme in the future. Naturalia Ingredients, Italy, has approached the challenge with an innovative perspective, proposing a new solution: grape sugar. Their patented production process creates a natural sweetener from grape which is genuinely good for the consumer and completely natural.

The future of the food industry

Naturalia’s product is key for the future of the food industry; however, in order to win over consumers and succeed taste is paramount. According to Naturalia their crystalline sugars enhance the natural flavours and aromas of the underlying product

Currently, Naturalia’s grape sugar has four main applications: food, beverage, cosmetics and nutraceutical. Products include cookies, yoghurts, sweets, fruit preserves, alcohol and energy drinks. As well as providing the sweet taste sought after by the consumer it also improves the structure and functionality of the finished product.

Naturalia’s method is unique. It is the only fruit sugar manufacturer worldwide to offer its sugars in powder form. They are able to extract both the total sugar component and the two individual components: fructose and dextrose, allowing them to be used accordingly. Additionally, Naturalia can create either granular or liquid crystalline sugars allowing for an increased range of possible uses. This unlocks a vast potential for many new applications in the future.

KLBD enjoyed exhibiting alongside Naturalia at both Food Matters Live, November 2015 and FI Paris, in December 2015 where they featured KLBD kosher certified grape sugar.

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