Global Export Trends for 2015

Experts in global export industry are convinced that emerging countries offer many opportunities for lucrative exporting deals. From Thailand and Malaysia to Brazil and Colombia, American exporters will have their eyes set on some of the most promising markets in the world. What are the regions that hold most potential for exporting at the moment? Here’s a brief survey to help you develop your global marketing with suitable translations and outreach strategies.

The US 

That’s right – even though we’re talking about one and the same country, the US features various populations that speak languages other than English. Consider California, where 44% of population doesn’t speak English at home.

When it comes to top languages spoken in the US aside from English, the most widespread are Spanish (37.6 million speakers), Chinese (2.9 million) and Tagalog (1.6 million). In some places you might not hear English spoken at all – for instance in Laredo Texas, where 92% of inhabitants don’t speak English at home.

Canada and Mexico

These two regions are the largest trading partners of the US and with a good reason – companies that want to start exporting to those countries will find many resources to help them, easy shipping and a need for many similar products.


With the focus placed on Morocco and South Africa, Africa emerges as the next big thing in export. African economic development organizations and regular companies are on the lookout for resources that would help them to build infrastructure, apply upgrades to their agriculture, improve their services and boost their manufacturing potential.

Most African countries experience a widespread use of smartphones and related technologies that range from online shopping, mobile applications, online banking, alternative paying systems and many others. There are many software companies that aim at this growing market by building mobile apps and online products to help those societies connect with new products and services.

American technologies are sought-after by African companies for building better infrastructures, as well as applying improved agricultural and service solutions. All this makes Africa one of the places with most export potential.


Located in the heart of Europe, Germany has made a name for itself as the largest buying power for robotics and hi-tech solutions and manufactured products. The commercial relations between the US and Germany are quite close – many German companies are based in the US and present on the American market, all of which guarantees a certain ease of entrance in introducing new products to this dynamic marketplace.


Brazil is one of those countries that develop right in front of our eyes. In 2016, Brazil will host the Olympic games and this will turn the eyes of the whole world towards this large and varied country, as well as its vibrant marketplace.

It’s very likely that in order to provide the best organization of the games in 2016, Brazil will be reaching out to US companies to acquire various solutions form areas like engineering or manufacturing.

It’s important to remember that the knowledge of Portuguese language is crucial is dealing with Brazilian companies – if you plan to reach out to this market, you better start looking for experienced translators and interpreters to help you orient yourself in this new market.

Fortunately, US Commercial Service and PA reps are there to help companies that wish to establish business relations with Brazil.


The last region crucial for global export covered here is Asia. Despite the predicted lower GDP growth this year, China is still a large global presence and will be a great market for many companies based in the US.

Another important country is India, where the increase of population is a factor powering the outreach towards the US for help in building the local economy. Indian public and private sectors will be on the lookout for innovative healthcare and infrastructure solutions.

Other important countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. They’re all interested in purchasing medical devices, software solutions and automation technologies for their manufacturing.

Take a moment to consider the possibilities of global market for 2015 – translating your promotional materials to the languages of those markets and meeting potential buyers on thematic conferences, you’ll be on your way to opening your business to new opportunities and marketplaces.

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