Foundation Degree in International Trade

Institute of Export In the UK today there are thousands of vacancies for positions in international trade, ranging from jet-setting salespeople and compliance officers to risk planners and shipping managers. Equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of global markets has taken on an unprecedented importance for UK companies as they seek to export their way out of recession – making international trading a growth sector with significant career potential.

The Institute of Export’s pioneering Foundation Degree in the Professional Practice of International Trade, developed in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University, prepares graduates for such positions, addressing legal aspects of trading internationally and ways of mitigating risk, alongside market research, marketing in new cultures, logistics and compliance issues. It is the only qualification which enables students to harness prior applied learning, gained in employment, to underpin the formal recognition of their skills and knowledge.

Students and their employers know that we are not simply ‘number crunching’ when they sign up for our degree – we are providing long term support to help them to develop and grow their expertise in exporting.  Our students praise the pastoral care we give along with the flexibility of the qualification that enables them to fit their studies around work and family lives.


“The IOE and Anglia Ruskin Team take a personal interest in each student and are most supportive. Anybody in International Trade or those wishing to expand their existing experience should strongly consider taking this degree.

The course is brand new with innovative information about the new and much changed global environment. It is especially beneficial for experienced people wishing to up-skill and expand their knowledge in the international business and the global trade environment”

Locunda Karam, CEO, Strategic Project Services Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa


Supporting those with or without practical experience to conduct business efficiently and profitably, the Degree is a recognised university qualification which equips students with a wealth of international trade knowledge.

We have specifically designed the qualification to meet the needs of businesses and their employees trading in a competitive global market.  It has never been more critical for British companies to match the level of commitment to professionalism in international trade, training and education made by their European and worldwide counterparts.

The qualification follows our Blended Learning Technique – online materials supported by webinars, power-point and Tutor support, which has proved so successful for us these last 5 years. All learning is supported by tutors from Anglia Ruskin University and the Institute of Export.

With course fees are rising across all universities and many universities charging £9,000 per year for business related courses, the Foundation Degree Professional Practice International Trade represents exceptional value for a high quality university course. The cost of the Foundation Degree is just £3,300 per year for the September 2013 start date and we know that companies begin to see the benefit of the knowledge and enhanced skills within months of starting the course.

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