Forging the way in Data Forensics

MD5, specialists in computer and mobile phone forensics contacted UKTI Yorkshire to help find the right contacts overseas.

MD5 specialise in computer forensics and mobile phone forensics, in fact they are a UK leader in these fields. Established in 2003 their clients include multi-national businesses and government law enforcement agencies as well as solicitors and accountants.

The company set out their stall examining mobile phones and computers to retrieve data for clients across a number of diverse sectors including Public Sector, Corporate Sector, Law Enforcement and Legal Services.

Digital Evidence can be used in criminal cases, civil disputes and human resources/employment tribunal proceedings.

Business History

In 2006 Michael Penhallurick, an MD5 employee who had previously worked as a senior officer in a high tech crime police unit used his professionally honed decoding and software skills to develop a product that has become known as Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC).

Secured data retrieved from computers is rarely viewed within its original environment and the investigator can potentially miss vital ‘scene of crime’ information. VFC seamlessly and expeditiously re-creates a virtual scene from either the original evidence drive itself or the forensic copy of the suspect’s system.

When Carl Tinker, joined MD5 as Sales Manager in 2009, he brought with him a wealth of sales experience to the digital forensics sector. By 2009 MD5 had a strong UK presence and had experienced some overseas sales through word of mouth.

UKTI support

Carl had an existing relationship with UKTI from his previous position and approached Steve Haynes, UKTI International Trade Advisor for support to build MD5’s export capacity. With Steve’s help MD5 began to attend conferences overseas and to establish relationships with resellers across the globe. Steve’s knowledge and innovative ideas together with the financial support that UKTI were able to offer enabled MD5 to break into new markets in the Middle East, US and Asia. In each new country UKTI were able to introduce the business to specialists who could advise on business approaches and how to tackle any cultural challenges.


Carl explained that in the early days of exporting the business faced challenges because of the necessity to have resellers in each target market. The selling infrastructure had to evolve as the business expanded, in the UK it was enough to sell products and services to purchasers using a credit or debit card but as the business became global it was increasingly important to have in place a suitable pricing and invoicing structure and UKTI were there to advise.

Company: MDS

Industry: Security


In many countries, for example Middle Eastern countries, businesses prefer to trade with organisations that have a physical presence in the country they operate within. Carl described that MD5 had to take great care when selecting resellers that they spoke the required languages. UKTI provided a Middle East Expert to provide advice and help to negotiate.

Business Impact

UKTI were invaluable according to Carl, especially when it came to building relationships internationally. Their help with researching foreign markets, providing international experts in target countries and making sure that MD5 were aware of all potential barriers and challenges made sure that the company entered into new export markets with their eyes wide open and vastly increased their chances of success. UKTI have also supported MD5 to be able to carry out what they term “feedback visits” as well as research visits – this in turn has meant that they are able to get out to new markets and appoint resellers, meeting customers and optimising marketing opportunities


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