For Companies Trading with Russia: Public Holidays in Russia in 2016

There is nothing worse than working towards a deadline with a Russia-based subcontractor to find out the day before the project is due to be submitted that your entire team is going on a friendly rowing expedition in Altai.

To help you avoid such situations, I have put together an overview of the public holidays in Russia planned for 2016.

It may seem that there is no order in the way the Russians plan their public holidays. May I reassure you that the opposite is the case. Usually, when the official holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday, they tend to have the respective Friday or Monday as a bridge holiday but work though the Sunday or the Saturday to make up the time. A good example of this rule is Saturday 20 February and Monday 22 February. Exceptions may apply when holidays are transferred from a weekend. An example of this exception is Monday 7 March as this year it is a holiday that was originally taking place on 2 January but as it is a Saturday, its power has been transferred to a working day.

I have marked the week days in bold.

1 January, Friday, New Year’s Day

4 January, Monday, New Year’s Holiday (Bridge Day)

5 January, Tuesday, New Year’s Holiday (Bridge Day)

6 January, Wednesday, New Year’s Holiday (Bridge Day)

7 January, Thursday, Orthodox Christmas Day

8 January, Friday, Orthodox Christmas Day (Bridge Day)

22 February, Monday, Defence of the Motherland (Bridge Day)

23 February, Tuesday, Defence of the Motherland

7 March, Monday, International Women’s Day (Bridge Day)

8 March, Tuesday, International Women’s Day

1 May, Sunday, May Day

2 May, Monday, May Day (Bridge Day)

3 May, Tuesday, May Day(Bridge Day)

9 May, Monday, Victory Day

12 June, Sunday, Russia Day

13 June, Monday, Russia Day (Bridge Day)

4 November, Friday, Unity Day

Shortened working days:

20 February, Saturday, Defence of the Motherland

3 November, Wednesday, Unity Day

I hope this is helpful.


Katya Roberts is a certified freelance translator and interpreter (Russian-English-Spanish) based in the UK and trading as Master+ Linguistics. To find out more, go to

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