Food & Drink feature month 2015 | Webinars, Q&As, guides & more!

Food and Drink export

Building on the success of its previous food and drink features, online exporter community Open to Export collaborated once again with industry and government to provide you with insights and advice from industry experts and successful exporters to help you find your niche in international markets.

Events and Webinars

Open to Export live online ‘Ask the Experts Q&A – don’t let concerns about currency hold you back’

A panel of currency experts and exporters answered a broad range of currency questions, including whether you should quote or price in the local currency and how you can protect yourself against currency fluctuations for payments from customers and to your international suppliers.

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Open to Export webinar – how to find your niche in international markets

FDEA and FDF give clear, practical guidance on how to research, identify and establish a niche in international markets alongside Lizi’s Granola who share their experience of doing it for themselves.

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Food and Drink Federation webinar – the growth opportunity in Australia featuring Coles Supermarket

The UK Food and Drink Federation and Victorian Government of Australia hosted this webinar on business opportunities in Australia’s food and agribusiness market featuring Alex Freudmann, Grocery Manager of Coles Supermarkets who spoke about Australian food consumer trends and Coles’ current and future merchandising strategy.

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Food and Drink Exporters Association insights/meet the buyer event – opportunities in Global Travel & Tourism

Event hosted by the Food & Drink Exporters Association in Liverpool focussed on the retail and food service opportunities for UK companies in the travel retail and expat markets. Featured sector insights, case study presentations and meet the buyer meetings.

Find out more about future FDEA events.

Anuga 2015

anuga food trade shows guide
Ahead of Anuga 2015, Open to Export created a guide to making the most out of food and drink trade fairs.

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You can also read more about the two case study companies Walkers’ Nonsuch and Nairns Oatcakes.

FDF 2014 Report and Awards

fdf export report
The FDF’s annual report was also released during the feature month. You can read the report here as well as reading these commentary pieces on the effect of currency on food and drink exports and the consequent fall in value of food and drink exports.

You can also read the following case studies of some of the winners at the FDF’s annual awards show:

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For more information and food and drink export advice check out the Food and Drink Federation and the Food and Drink Exporters Association.

Click HERE to view Open to Export’s food and drink feature page.


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