Food and drink opportunities in Germany

Germans tend to be quite traditional in their tastes, and will stick to their own brands, but they do like the variety that British food offers, alongside the quality we can offer. They particularly like British packaging, appreciating its creativity and style. When it comes to food the Germans are very price sensitive, but they are prepared to pay more if the product is unique or suitable for a particular diet – veganism, for example is big business here.

For brands, whether they are retail or food, getting into the German market takes time. They can expect to attend trade shows for consecutive years and be continuously promoting their products. Business revolves around the use of importers and distributors- its much easier for businesses, whether you are in the UK or Germany, to have that single point of contact.

Germany continues to be a market of interest for UK companies, and we expect this to continue. With a strong economy, easy access to Eastern Europe, a strong domestic consumer market of 81 million people, and English as a common language for commerce, it is a great place to do business.

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