Five Strategies To Help You Boost Engagement On Social Media

You need to have an action plan to develop your presence on social media.

You might feel that you are doing well on social media because of the number of followers you have on Twitter and Instagram. However, the number of likes you have on your Facebook page is not an indication of how successful your campaign is. Interactions are what really matters in the world of social media marketing. This can be aided with tools such as Instamacro.


Engagement is the proof that people are paying attention to what you share and want to interact with your brand. This is the metric you should focus on since individuals who interact with your brand on social media will be more likely to make a purchase.


Engagement is also the sign that you can build a positive relationship with your audience. The number of followers you have is important since it indicates how efficient your outreach is but you need to focus on quality interactions or you will not get any results from your social media marketing campaign.


These five tips will help you generate more interactions on social media:


1. Use Images


A post with an image will generate more interactions because people will be more likely to notice it. You can’t use any random image you own the rights to. You need to carefully select your images and make sure they will draw the attention of your followers as they scroll through their social media feed.


A study from Buffer found that a tweet with an image received on average 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets compared to a tweet without images. You can use Canada or Pablo by Buffer if you need a tool to create branded images for your social media campaigns.


2. Share Some Questions


Create posts that encourage your audience to answer to a question. This is a great way to get people to comment on what you share. A Kissmetrics study found that on average, a Facebook post with a question was twice as likely to generate a comment compared to a post without a question.


You could for instance ask your followers to tell you about their favorite products or to send in their suggestions for future products or promotional offers. If you are sharing a news item relevant to your niche, ask for your followers’ opinion on the story.


You should also think about hosting a Q&A session. You can use Google Hangouts, Twitter or Reddit. This is a great way to give your clients and potential clients a chance to ask questions while increasing your outreach on these platforms.


3. Use Hashtags


You can reach out to new potential clients and generate more interactions on Instagram and on Twitter by using trending hashtags. This is a good way to find relevant topics for your posts while making sure a lot of users who don’t follow you yet will see your posts when they click on these trending hashtags.


You do not necessarily have to use the trending hashtags displayed on the homepage of these social networks. Any popular hashtag can be used to find relevant topics and reach out to more users since people will follow these hashtags or might look them up.


4. Choose The Right Social Networks


You need to focus your efforts on the platforms your target audience uses. For instance, using Instagram and Pinterest makes sense if you sell clothes. However, LinkedIn would be a better choice if you offer a B2B service.


Do some research on your clients to create a typical profile and find out more about their social networking habits. You will generate more engagements and get better results if you focus on the right social networks instead of wasting time on the sites your target audience is not likely to use.


5. Keep An Eye On Your Analytics


You need to track your analytics closely. There are different tools you can use to measure audience engagement and figure out which posts were the most successful.


You need to use data to figure out what kind of content or topics interest your audience the most and generate positive interactions.


You can be successful on social media as long as you understand how your audience uses these sites and what kind of content they want to see. Focus on developing high-quality content and on generating positive interactions with your target audience and you will get results.

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