Exporting overseas? Learn more about International Digital Marketing (free eBook)

More and more UK companies are realising exporting their products and services abroad is one of the best ways to achieve growth. By getting into new markets you reach out to a new pool of customers and expand revenue opportunities.

Many companies don’t know where to start their successful expansion abroad. Problems like language barriers, international marketing and determining the right target audience are a hindrance.

Our downloadable eBook is suitable for any company that is currently exporting, or planning on expanding its international reach in the future. You will learn inside information, practical tips and steps to planning, launching and maintaining a successful international digital marketing strategy.

The topics that we cover in our eBook are:

  • How to successfully plan your marketing strategy
  • How to localise your social media presence
  • Where to start with your multilingual PPC and SEO strategy
  • How to engage foreign audiences
  • How to deal with enquiries from abroad

In addition to that we have added a free downloadable Excel Toolkit which you can start using right away. It will help you plan and manage your on-going successful international expansion.

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Topics: Export Planning and Getting Started
Export Action Plan