Exporter Showcase – Asiatic

Asiatic are a family run business selling high quality rugs and carpets. Founded in 1960, they are run by a 25 person team from head offices in Manor House, London, and are currently using major distributors such as B&Q in the UK.

Samuel Shoemaeker, their head of export sales, told me that Germany are their biggest buyer in Europe, with Poland, France and Italy among other importers across Europe. Asiatic’s exports are on the rise, increasing 40% last year and predicted to go up another 35% this year.

Samuel found Open to Export on LinkedIn and has mostly used the webinar service so far. He attended the ‘Agents and Distributors’ Webinar and found it “very helpful”.

Samuel’s biggest exporting concern right now is finding reliable and workable transportation for goods, particularly across the Pacific to the Americas. With exports to Russia struggling due to the current political situation in the country, the Americas and Australia are now being looked at as important ‘safe havens’ into which Asiatic can expand.

Samuel’s advice to exporters newer to international trade is to stay positive and persevere with your long-term plans.

“If someone slams the door, keep your foot in it”.

Sectors: Fashion Design, Household Goods, Furniture & Furnishings, and Textiles, Interior Textiles & Carpets
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