Export Marketing Research Scheme – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on the Export Marketing Research Scheme (EMRS), helping you to conduct marketing research to develop your Market Entry strategy


Claiming the grant

Conducting the research




Are there lots of forms to complete?

Standard requirements before embarking on your research are:

  • A proposal

  • A completed application form

  • Your signature to accept our contractual offer of support

Following your research:

  • A completed claim form summarising your expenses – together with valid receipts

  • A marketing research report

To apply email us at info@ukemrs.com.

Who will look after my application?

A Project Co-ordinator will take care of administering your application, and a Research Adviser who will discuss all aspects of the project

How much prior notice do we need to give before starting our marketing research?

At least 28 days prior to commissioning or your date of departure

Can I make more than one application at a time?

Yes, a desk research project can be supported at the same time as a field research project. The Scheme will not however support more than one field research project from the same company simultaneously

What’s the amount of a typical grant?

The average grant for an in-house project is between £2,000 and £3,000 – capped at £5000 For an Agency project the average grant is between £6,000 and £7,000 – capped at £10,000


When do I get paid?

The grant is usually paid out within 28 days of receiving a satisfactory marketing research report, completed claim form and relevant receipts.

Why do we need to write a report?

A report must be presented along with your claim for payment of the grant as it provides evidence that you have undertaken the project set out in your proposal and achieved the valuable research objectives

What if my report is considered unsatisfactory?

Research Advisers are at hand at the end of the project to ensure that you get the most out of the report writing process.

Do you pay the grant if the research finds there is no market?

Certainly, there are many examples where although provisional indications suggested there to be a possible market, deeper investigation indicates otherwise.

Confirmation that there is not a market in the country enables a company to concentrate their attentions on more profitable regions of the world.

Will my application be treated in confidence?

Absolutely. Only a very small number of UK Trade and Investment officials will see your proposal and only the Research Adviser will read your report.


Does UK Trade and Investment carry out research?

No. We provide advice to UK companies on how to undertake the research and administer funding for up to half the cost of the research. We do not carry out any research ourselves

Do I have to be a trained marketing researcher or have experience of doing research in order to undertake an in-house research project?

No, but you will need to be able to conduct the research proficiently. The majority of supported projects are undertaken by small firms with little or no previous research experience.

Does UK Trade and Investment have a register of approved market research agencies?

No. UKTI does not recommend any individual agency. However our professional Research Advisers will offer help if the applicant’s efforts fail to identify any appropriately qualified agencies.

Why do we need to approach three different agencies?

Firstly, to compare a number of different approaches and secondly to ensure cost effectiveness.

Where can I find an interpreter?

Commercial officers in the diplomatic posts can usually make appropriate recommendations.

Can my agent or distributor do the research?

No. This would be unwise because they are unlikely to be objective and may well include themselves in any recommendation for entry into this market regardless of what the most appropriate route for your company might be. Agents and distributors do however make for useful respondents in a marketing research project.

Can I get a grant that supports 2 researchers?

The scheme will usually support one researcher’s costs. Should a second researcher be involved in the project, then some of his/her time in the country could also be supported provided that their presence has allowed more fieldwork to be covered in a shorter time.

Can I make sales during a marketing research trip?

No. If you are conducting marketing research, you will not be in a position to make sales before the relevant information on the market(s) has been gathered which you will use to develop your sales strategy. Doing so might actually jeopardise your claim.


What do you mean by export marketing research?

A planned, systematic and objective method of obtaining information in the UK and abroad to help make the decisions to develop a market entry strategy for a new overseas market.

Do you pay towards hotel accommodation?

Yes. We use daily subsistence rates updated for us on a quarterly basis by HM Treasury. The Scheme supports 50% of the accommodation costs on a per night basis. We can look up the prevailing rate prior to your trip.

Do you pay for meals and taxis etc?

The daily subsistence allowance is intended to contribute towards the cost of hotel accommodation, meals and local expenditure (including local taxi fares).

However if you obtain receipts for taxi journeys and other in market transport, then please include these for additional consideration.

Do you pay towards salary costs?


Does research carried out in the UK qualify for financial support?

Yes, where it forms part of an agency project or where a published report is purchased. Desk research conducted in-house in the UK does not attract financial support.

Can attendance at exhibitions and conferences be supported?

No, attendance at trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences is one of the few stated specific areas where EMRS support cannot be given. We do however recognise that attendance at such an event can contribute to the collection of information for a marketing research exercise.

However you may qualify for a grant under the Trade Access Programme – more details are available from your International Trade Advisor or through your regional UK Trade and Investment office.

Does the scheme subsidise the cost of purchasing reports prepared by the embassies?

No. The reports prepared by commercial staff at British embassies (Overseas Market Introduction Service) are already heavily subsidised when priced to your International Trade Team. No further subsidy is made available through the scheme.

Can we research more than one country at a time?

It depends. The scheme is set up to support a project in one country at a time. However, in certain circumstances a case can be made for supporting up to three neighbouring countries in the one project.

Does it matter that sales have already been made in that country?

No. In fact it is often the case that a few unsolicited sales arising from a country indicate that a larger potential might be realised once a carefully thought out market entry strategy has been developed.

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