Export Marketing Research Scheme (EMRS)

The Export Marketing Research Scheme (EMRS) helps you reach sound decisions when approaching a new overseas market.

What is the Export Marketing Research Scheme?

The EMRS provides independent advice, at no charge, on carrying out marketing research; whether you’re looking at new markets or re-evaluating an existing one. In addition companies may be eligible for a grant of up to 50% of the cost of conducting market research.

So if you’re too busy to consider new markets, or you’re not even sure where to start, the EMRS could provide the solution you need

What are people saying about EMRS?

It provides guidance and help when you need it most

“It was the advice that was invaluable. Without the research advice – about the sort of questions to ask and how to conduct the research exercise, I could have spent ten times as much – and only learned a fraction of what I actually did.”

Stayclean Beerpipe Ltd, Halesowen

It increases export business

‘‘Three years after using the EMRS to help investigate a potential market in Zambia we have generated more than £1million in additional export sales.”

G Corner Electrical Systems Ltd, Manchester

It reduces risk

“We need to develop a long term strategy that will enable us to capitalize on the opportunities without overreaching ourselves. The impact on the company if anything went wrong would be disastrous”

Soundalive, Surrey

Export Success through EMRS

These case studies give more information on EMRS and its benefits:

Developing China’s potential

Lining up the European on line market

Who does EMRS help?

All exporters can benefit from the marketing research advice the scheme provides.

Who is eligible for financial assistance?


  • With between 5 – 250 employees

  • With products and services which have a track record

  • Who wish to research a specific market for these products/services

How can I find out more?

Read detailed company guidance notes on the scheme

Read FAQs on the scheme

Export Marketing Research Scheme Promotion Leaflet

Find out more by phone +44 0845 034 2111 or email: info@ukemrs.com

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