Export Britain – UAE Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
The UAE’s exports will continue to be dominated by petroleum and related products, with exports forecasts to grow strongly to rapidly growing emerging markets that are heavy energy consumers such as India and China. Turkey and Poland will continue to post good growth. In addition to the main Asian economies, UAE exports will also rise strongly to those economies with large populations and with an associated heavy demand for energy, including Brazil and Egypt, when its economy starts to recover. On the import side, India and Turkey will be the two fastest-growing sources of imports however other emerging Asian economies will begin to increase their importance; such as Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Opportunities for UK businesses
The UAE offers unique investment opportunities, with a wide range of financial incentives to international investors. Each of the seven emirates possesses unique economic features, and the ability to attract foreign investments in various sectors. Particular sectors of opportunity for UK businesses include: renewable energy, pharmaceutical, education and industry knowledge, technology, financial services, electronics and engineering.

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Countries: Middle East and United Arab Emirates
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