Export Britain – Slovenia Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
Slovenia has embarked on a sluggish export-driven recovery, as domestic demand suffers from ongoing corporate deleveraging and weak credit growth on the back of substantial problems in the country’s banking sector. Slovenia’s main trading partners are Germany and Italy, both accounting for 18% of its exports in 2012. Likewise, Slovenia’s imports also largely come from these two countries. In the medium to long term, Asian countries including, Singapore, Malaysia, China and India will increase their share of exports into Slovenia.

Opportunities for UK businesses
Slovenia is a Central European market which offers numerous opportunities for UK companies; it is a sophisticated market with a high purchasing power. Slovenia lies right in the middle of one of the world’s most exciting business regions. It sits on the intersection of several of Europe’s historical crossroads. British services and goods are recognised as quality products. Slovenia is investing in infrastructure development, environmental projects and regional development. There are opportunities for UK businesses in several sectors including education & skills, tourism, infrastructure, urban regeneration, ICT and financial & business services.

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Countries: Central Europe, Europe, and Slovenia
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