Export Britain – Singapore Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
Singapore’s bilateral trade partners will continue to be dominated by emerging Asia, with exports to India, Vietnam and China growing. Malaysia and Indonesia will also become increasingly important trading partners. Exports to some Middle East and North Africa countries will also pick up in the years ahead, especially to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE. Imports will also be increasingly driven by Asian countries, with Vietnam, India, China and Bangladesh.

Opportunities for UK businesses
Singapore is a major trading hub, importing and exporting all kinds of products from consumer goods to high technology and industrial goods for re-export to third countries. UK businesses will find attractive market opportunities in the following sectors: electronics, oil and gas equipment, IT, telecommunication equipment and education services. The Singapore government and private industry are expected to invest in several major projects including: drainage improvement projects over five years to achieve a higher level of flood protection; construction of several public hospitals and medical centres and construction of new Mass Rapid Transit rail lines.

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Countries: Singapore and South East Asia
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