Export Britain – Poland Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
The bulk of Poland’s goods exports will continue to be bought by large European countries like Germany, France and the UK as a result of the EU single market. However, although they are likely to remain a small proportion of total exports, the most dynamic trade relations will be with emerging Asia. This is forecast to be the case both in the short term, as the Asian economy recovers from its recent slowdown. China is anticipated to displace the US’s position among Poland’s principal non-EU export destinations in the longer term.

Opportunities for UK businesses
One of the main reasons why investors tend to choose Poland is its location at the very heart of continental Europe, part of the trans European road network and easy access to 250 million consumers within a radius of 1000 kilometres. Poland is a significant market of 38 million consumers offering opportunities for UK businesses in particular opportunities within the following sectors, engineering, electronics, software, life sciences, transport, retail, food and environmental sectors.

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