Export Britain – Mexico Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
In 2012 almost 80% of all goods exports from Mexico were destined to the US. Although the relative importance of North America is set to fall in the medium term, it will still account for around 70% of Mexico’s exports, remaining the most important trade partner. India will also become one of Mexico’s top five export markets, as its rapidly expanding middle class demand more consumer goods. Over the medium term, Mexico’s trade will become more global and less regional in focus. The fastest trade growth will be with countries outside the Americas, with China and India likely to increase at a particularly fast pace over the medium term.

Opportunities for UK businesses
Mexico is a country of huge potential which has demonstrated predictable, stable economic growth. It is a dynamic market and analysts predict that its economy will be the world´s seventh-largest by 2050. Mexico offers UK businesses well-established and integrated supply-chains, an increasingly skilled workforce, and free trade agreements with 44 countries. Opportunities for UK businesses lie within the construction, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, retail and automotive sector.

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Countries: Mexico
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