Export Britain – Hong Kong Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
China will remain the most important trade partner in the medium term. However, as Hong Kong begins to geographically diversify its trade patterns, exports to China are expected to slow. A number of large developed economies, such as Japan, the US and Germany are currently important trading partners, and will continue the trade flowing through Hong Kong. However, these economies will not be the main drivers of future growth. Rather, emerging Asia will be the most dynamic source of growth in goods trade for Hong Kong. Exports to Vietnam, India, the Middle East and North Africa region are expected to provide Hong Kong with new opportunities for trade growth.

Opportunities for UK businesses
With £29 billion of investment scheduled until 2016 across a number infrastructure projects, Hong Kong offers great opportunities for UK businesses. The infrastructure projects in particular offer opportunities in design, engineering, and construction related services as well as a vast array of supply chain opportunities for small and medium-sized firms. Other sectors that offer great opportunity include healthcare and green sectors.

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