Export Britain – Czech Republic Market Snapshot

Trade outlook
A pick-up in activity in the country’s main trading partners should lead to a rise in exports in 2014. The largest trade partners for the Czech Republic include Germany, Poland, France and the UK. To ensure economic growth, Czech Republic needs to expand widely its foreign trade, not only in the EU but also in the rest of the world. Czech Republic’s exports to Asia were at almost constant rates, around 3 to 4% of total exports. Czech Republic’s trade structure has transformed, with trading with Asia becoming more prominent.

Opportunities for UK Businesses
Czech Republic offers UK businesses a sophisticated market where English is widely spoken and where British products are well received. Czech Republic is located at the heart of Europe offering very good links to neighbouring markets. The country’s well-developed infrastructure, and skilled labour force attracts strong flows of foreign direct investment. Opportunities for UK businesses lie in numerous sectors including: food & drink, consumer goods, retail, science & technology, education & training and advanced engineering.

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