Environment & Water Sector in South Africa

Environment & Water Sector in South Africa

South Africa is a market more open than ever to new technologies, management systems and innovation in environmental goods and services.

Market overview

92% of South Africa’s energy comes from coal. 90% of waste in South Africa goes to landfill. The overall size of the South African environmental goods and services market is nearly £3 billion.

Key areas for development include:

  • Waste Management & Recycling

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Healthcare Waste

  • Carbon Mapping

  • Renewable Energy

  • Water supply and Security

Regulations introduced in August 2010 under the National Environment Management Act add to the government’s growing awareness in addressing the environmental impact of Africa’s largest economy. Meeting the challenging targets laid out is a top priority. The 2012 Climate Change Response Act and 2012 Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (IPPPP) have also put a greater emphasis and requirement on those in South Africa to develop more energy efficient business practices, general energy use and production.

Key opportunities

  • Supply chain opportunities supporting the IPPPP until 2016

  • A national target to reduce the amount of ‘Big 5’ waste products (plastics, cans, paper, glass and tyres) going to landfill by 70% by 2022, and to have plans in place to minimise and treat the remaining 30%.

  • 27% of water is lost through poor infrastructure, 60% linked to residential usage. Infrastructure repair is a key opportunity.

  • Acid Mine Drainage is a national issue. UKTI expects the Department of Water Affairs will announce a tender programme during 2014 to provide treatment solutions.

Latest export opportunities in the Environment & Water sector

Latest export opportunities in South Africa

Getting into the market

Much of South Africa’s legal, economic and business practices and legislation is based on the UK equivalents. This makes operating in South Africa less problematic and alien than in other international markets. Regulatory standards also tend to mirror EU equivalents and the cultural and historical links are broadly positive in the UK’s favour. In return the UK sees 4 out of every 5 South African investment projects in Europe. South does operate a policy of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment to redress the imbalances to black employment under the apartheid regime

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