Energy sector in Japan

Japan’s aim of changing its energy-mix and the potential reform of the electricity sector (generation and distribution) opens up opportunities for UK business.

Market overview

Japan is a developed market which is now looking at renewable energy as a serious provider following the events of March 2011.

Japan has 54 nuclear reactors, of which 52 are currently offline. Japan’s energy needs will peak in the summer and a shortfall is expected. It is currently importing large volumes of LNG for power generation.

Japan is embarking on a large shift in the make-up of the energy-mix and is looking at a 25% target of renewable energy (offshore wind, solar PV and biomass). There is strong interest in Smart-Grid and Smart metering technology from Japanese utility companies.

We are seeing a large increase from Japanese companies in engaging with the UK on all areas concerning offshore wind as Japan embarks on its own wind farm projects. This will be a large focus for the team over the coming year as we seek to help British companies to work with their Japanese counterparts.

Japan is also looking at electricity sector reform (generation and distribution); this may offer potential opportunities to UK business.

Our briefing on the Nuclear sector in Japan provides more information on this aspect of Japan’s energy sector.

Key opportunities

  • Management of renewable programmes (Specifically concerning Offshore Wind)

  • Emergency Power generation

Latest export opportunities in the Energy sector

Latest export opportunities in Japan

Getting into the market

Companies interested in working in Japan should contact UKTI who can update you on the latest opportunities. You will most likely need a Japanese partner to make progress. A number of sector events take place during the year supported by UKTI HQ and UKTI in Tokyo and Osaka.

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Market intelligence is critical when doing business overseas, and UKTI can provide bespoke market research and support during overseas visits though our chargeable Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS).

To commission research or for general advice about the market, get in touch with our specialists in country – or contact your local international trade team.

  • Matthew Matsumoto-Prouten, British Embassy Tokyo; Tel: +81 (0)3 5211 1149; Email: [email protected]

  • Reiko Mitogawa, British Embassy, Tokyo; Tel: +81 (0)3 5211 1160 or email: [email protected]

  • Mami Aoki, British Consulate General Osaka; Tel: +81 (0)6 6120 5651; Email: [email protected]

UKTI Events

UKTI runs a range of events for exporters, including seminars in the UK, trade missions to overseas markets and support for attendance at overseas trade shows.

Latest events in the Energy sector

Latest event in Japan

Major Events

International Wind Energy Expo & Conference

26-28 February 2014

Tokyo Big Site, Japan

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