E-commerce | Google Product Listings Ads (PLA) Guide

Recently over the last couple months we have received a large number of UK businesses asking about creating or improving their Google Product Listings Ads (Google PLA) when promoting products through E-commerce solutions to International markets, with this we have created a free easy step by step guide to help Open to Export members that may have similar questions or concerns.  I have included the link to our download page near the bottom of this post.

As this is a step by step guide how to create a Google PLA account you maybe asking the  questions, what on Earth is Google Product Listing Ads in the first place? or how can this help me promote my products better within the UK or abroad?

Google PLA are different from Google AdWords but please note you will require to link these two types of accounts together before starting.  PLA include an image of your product, detailed product information/specification, price and merchant name when a relevant search is made via the Google Merchant Center or ‘Google Shopping’, these type of Ads can greatly improve your sales as its a much more engaging experience when browsing for your products within the Google Search Engine.  Google PLA also differs from AdWords as the are charged on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) basis, which means that you pay when a user clicks your Ad and completes a purchase through your website.

If you have a large product range you can also export and upload your whole product list within your Google Merchant Center account but depending on what E-commerce platform you use you may require the aid of your E-Commerce Developer to assist you in this Data Feed file.

What you require before starting a Google PLA campaign of your own:

  • The list of countries that you can promote your products in are limited to the following: UK, USA, Russia, Denmark, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Poland, France Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan and Sweden.
  • Google AdWords Account
  • Google Merchant Center Account
  • Product Data Feed file (E-commerce exported product list)
  • I would advise that you check to make sure your E-commerce solution includes a landing page per product listing as well as plan in advance how many products you wish to advertise within your Google PLA account.

Google PLA guide

If you are interested in creating your own campaign and would like to download our free guide please click here.



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