Doing business in Spain

With a population of 47 million and a developed sophisticated market, Spain offers UK companies a variety of opportunities.

Spain joined the EU in 1985 and since then has been one of the principle recipients of EU Structural and Cohesion funding.

The UK and Spain are major trade and investment partners. Spain is the UK’s 8th largest export market, and the UK is Spain’s 5th largest supplier. It enjoys a long-standing and wide-ranging bilateral relationship with the UK.

Although Spain remains affected by the global turmoil, the size of its economy and the structural reforms required to generate growth offer major commercial opportunities. In the longer term, Spain’s economy has notable strengths that will allow it to recover.

What are the opportunities?

Spain is a highly developed, diversified and competitive market. Despite the recent economic downturn, there remain significant opportunities for UK exporters. In general, if a product or service sells well in the UK, it is worth investigating its potential in Spain.

There are particularly interesting opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Energy

  • Education & Training

  • Healthcare

  • Food & Drink

  • Defence & Security

UKTI Spain publicity service

Publicity Service Spain can help you reach your Spanish business audience directly. Our aim is to help you obtain editorial coverage in Spain for your product, process or service, raising awareness and capturing the interest of agents, distributors and potential customers.

Read our brochure and find out more.

If you are interested in using our publicity service please contact:

Susana Ruiz-Capillas

UKTI Madrid

Tel: +34 917 146 366

Email: [email protected]

Overseas Business Risk

Read our report giving more details of overseas business risk in relation to Spain.

This covers:

  • Political and economic background

  • Bribery & corruption

  • Terrorism threat

  • Protective security advice

  • Intellectual property

  • Organised crime

Guide to doing business in Spain

UKTI has produced a guide aimed at companies experienced in overseas trade who are new to doing business with Spain. This guide aims to provide a route map of the way ahead, together with signposts to sources of help.

  • Introduction

  • Preparing to export

  • How to do business

  • Business etiquette, language and culture

  • What are the challenges?

  • How to invest in Spain

  • Contacts

  • Resources / Useful links

Download the Spain doing business guide

Sector briefing

For information on your sector in Spain including opportunities, events and key contacts, please check out the latest sector briefings.

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